Property investment with
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Property investment

About the Warner International Property & Investment Bond

A safe way to invest your money in the international property market

As an individual investor, you’ll probably be looking for a flexible, efficient and secure way to invest your money in international property. he Warner Global Property & Investment Bond offers you the opportunity to invest in a structured financial solution that offers a portfolio made up of property and non-property interests.

The bond’s unique proposition is that it offers a three-year maturity with a guaranteed coupon rate of 4.5% per year.

Property investment

An investment in your peace of mind

In a prolonged period of economic uncertainty, the Warner Global Property & Investment Bond has been structured to protect capital while producing balanced growth in the medium to long-term. It can also provide an income stream for investors.

The bond offers:

  • A guaranteed 4.5% annual return, paid at maturity
  • Security and long-term growth
  • Three-year maturity with the option to renew
  • A diversified portfolio
  • Active management
  • Can be selected for use within Pryce Warner QROPS accounts

A wide-ranging portfolio

The emphasis of the Warner Global Property & Investment Bond is certainly within the property markets. However, to keep a balance and for overall long-term security, the portfolio also features a variety of non-property related assets.

The portfolio includes:

  • property funds
  • equity funds
  • stocks and bonds
  • ETFs
  • construction projects
  • commercial mortgage investment
  • bridging finance
  • international property investment
  • land acquisition finance

This balancing of assets between property and non-property related interests results in a diversified portfolio that investors can have long-term confidence in.


Key features, benefits and charges:

  • The bond is actively managed to protect assets and maintain growth in volatile markets
  • Wide portfolio of investments in property and non-property related assets
  • Bond matures three years from date of investment
  • Guaranteed coupon annual rate of 4.5% when held to maturity
  • If the value of the bond grows by more than 4.5%, the investor will receive further returns in line with this  growth
  • The 2.5% entry fee is waived for existing Pryce Warner clients
  • A quarterly management fee of 0.25 % will be taken at the end of each quarter, based on the value of the account
  • At maturity there is a 2.5% termination fee, unless the bond is renewed
  • Clients can view their account securely online via the Pryce Warner Client Portal
  • Annual statements will be supplied at the end of each calendar year
  • A quarterly investment overview will be provided
  • The bond is available for use within QROPS accounts
  • The bond comes in a choice of denominations – US dollars, sterling or Euros
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