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Property investment

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A safe way to invest your money in the international property market


In times of economic uncertainty, security for your investments comes at a premium, and while property has performed strongly over a number of years, it can also be subject to falls in value during economic turbulence. Buying a property portfolio is like putting all your eggs in one basket. There’s a very good chance it will go up in value, but if you’re forced to sell during a downturn, you could realise a significant loss. So, as an individual investor, what can you do to ride the storm safely?

The Warner International Property & Investment Bond was developed as a safer alternative for investing in property.

Even though the recession has ended, the economic outlook continues to be unsettled. China’s phenomenal growth rate is slowing down, while Europe’s recovery continues in fits and starts. Investor confidence has yet to return and it’s easy to understand why caution is the watchword of the day.

Property investment

You can have confidence in the Warner International Property & Investment Bond

This investment has been created to provide a safe haven for investors in the property market. The emphasis in its management is to protect capital and provide medium to long term growth via a widely diversified portfolio of property and non-property related assets.

7 Reasons to choose the Warner International Property & Investment Bond:

  • Active management to ensure long term growth in volatile markets
  • Investment in both property and non-property related assets – property funds, equity funds, stocks and bonds, ETFs, construction projects, commercial mortgage investment, bridging finance, international property investment, land acquisition finance
  • Three-year maturity, with opportunity to renew
  • Guaranteed coupon annual rate of 4.5% when held to maturity
  • Additional returns when growth exceeds 4.5%
  • Available for use within QROPS accounts
  • Choice of denomination – US dollars, sterling or Euros

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